Camions of Care at UAB

What We Do

Our purpose is to promote menstrual hygiene management and to
empower women through advocacy, education, and service.
The UAB Chapter of Camions of Care seeks to raise awareness
and serve the Birmingham, Alabama community.

The National Organization


In society, females often struggle to afford expensive menstrual hygiene products every month. Though feminine hygiene products necessary to maintain a healthful lifestyle are often considered luxury items, they are in fact basic necessities that should be readily accessible to women of all income levels. The high cost of these products are especially restrictive for women who are less fortunate and prevent them from achieving their full potential. As a Camions of Care chapter, our main goals are to provide basic hygiene care packages for low-income or homeless women in the Birmingham area who struggle to afford them and empower these women to take charge of their lives.


To prevent the further perpetuation of the stigma surrounding menstruation, we seek to educate young men and women in the Birmingham city schools. The UAB chapter will hold educational seminars in a private setting focusing on menstrual hygiene to female students in the area. In addition, male students will also be included in the discussion with wider personal hygiene and health talks for both genders. By giving these lectures, we can facilitate an open discussion about major health complications women face and promote awareness for female health.


Our chapter collaborates with many Birmingham organizations such as community kitchens, women’s shelters, and health centers. In order to raise money for care packages, we host fundraising events such as percentage nights at local restaurants and seek sponsorships from established groups around the area, among many other programs. In addition to raising money we also host donation drives on campus. Once we achieve our fundraising goals, we begin distributing care packages to women in compromised situations who need them. By providing these care packages to women in need, we are enabling women to care of themselves during their menstrual cycle and pursue their goals.